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What genres of music do you guys record and work with?

Pretty much everything but Classical and Jazz. Please don't think that means we don't enjoy some Chopin or rock out to Mingus. Bottle Rocket was not designed for working with those styles. Our room is best suited to live groups playing together and vibing off each other. Loud guitars, banging drums.... The room is very "Live" and has a sound all it's own.

Can we all play live in the studio?

Yes! This is the way we prefer to work, everyone playing live together. You end up with a record that feels "right" when you play together. The room at Bottle Rocket was designed for this, it sounds amazing in the room as well as on tape. Come check us out and you'll find out why this room is South East Michigan's best kept secret.

I don't have a band, can you provide one?

We know plenty of amazing players. Ann Arbor is filled with many A list musicians. Depending on what your project needs we'd be happy to recommend players. We put you in touch and let you work out the business details with them.

Can I bring my own engineer?

Sure, we just need to make sure they're up on analog signal flow, tape op and ProTools. Oh, and they can't be a dick. A Bottle Rocket engineer will hang for the session to make sure everything runs smooth for you.

Do you provide Producers?

Everyone at Bottle Rocket is a Producer / Engineer, however we don't charge an additonal fee to "Produce" during the session. We gauge how involved you'd like us to be. Some artists simply want someone to keep the session running smoothly, some like feedback, others might want help with arrangments and composition. We're there to help you make a record, easy as that.

I only need one hour for my project. How much is that?

We don't do an hour here or there projects. Bottle Rocket has an eight hour minimum.

Eight hours!?!

Yep, it takes time to record an album and do it right. We offer eight or twelve hour blocks of time. Weekend and full week packages. More gets done with blocks of time. It can be more intense but that's the point. Being focused on your album and not worried about the clock running.

Can I buy eight hours and use them over the course of two days?

Blocks of time must be used consecutively.

What if my project only requires a few more hours of work, do I still have to pay for eight hours?

No, if you're already in the middle of a project and need a few hours here or there to overdub guitars or lay down a vocal we'll hook you up with an hourly rate.

Can I record to tape?

Definitely! It's our favorite way to make a record.

Does it cost more?

The only additional cost is the tape. We rent 2" reels of tape for $50.00. That means the reel is yours for the duration of your project. Once the project is done, we can dump the audio to ProTools for safe keeping on a hard drive. If you'd rather buy a new reel let us know, we're dealers and can get you a good deal.

Do you have amps and drums?


We're coming from out of town, what can we expect?

To make a great record! Hit us up and we'll give you details on places to sleep, eat, and party. There's a hotel within a stones throw of our front door, and Ann Arbor has plenty to offer in the way of entertainment.

Can we get a tour of the studio?

Definitely! Just let us know when you'd like to stop by. If a group is in the studio they might get weirded out by a bunch of people showing up they don't know.

Do you do mastering?

Nope, get a hold of Eric over at Solid Sound . Tell em we sent ya and he'll hook you up.

What are the hidden costs?

Hmmmm... That sounds scandalous! We don't hide anything... We charge for setup time, CD's are three bucks, tape rental is $50 for 2" and $12 for 1/4". Bring your own hard drive if you'd like your data backed up more than twice. You own your material, we don't. Settle up at the end of each day.

How can we pay?

Cash is king. We also do Visa, Master Card and Discover. Checks if you're cool. Are you cool?


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L-R: Owner - Eric Wojahn, Engineer - Josh Wiechmann
Seated: Studio Manager / Engineer - Bill Ellis

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